#RPG.tm - RPG channel on IRC/Quakenet

I have started an RPG channel on IRC, so that we have a chat room like other communities have. If you don't know what IRC is; it's what everybody used before IM's like MSN and ICQ came along. A giant chat room with different networks and channels.

If you already have an IRC client, you can press this link to join our channel: irc://irc.quakenet.org/RPG.tm. Add #RPG.tm to your favorites and make it so you automatically join the channel every time you start IRC :).

For those of you who don't have an IRC client, read this:
To connect to the channel you need an IRC client; I prefer X-Chat 2. Download and install it with default options, and then open it. The first thing you will see is "XChat: Network List", select your nickname etc, and scroll down to "Quakenet" in the "Networks" list. Press it and press "Edit". Here you have to check the "Auto connect to this network at startup" checkbox. In the "Favorite channels" input, type "#rpg.tm" (with the #). Press "Ok", mark the "Skip network list on startup" checkbox and then press "Connect".

Now you will automatically connect to Quakenet and join our channel #RPG.tm every time you open Xchat.

So what can this be used for? Well; general chatting, asking for help, helping, direct contact with various RPG players, etc. In the next days I'll add a Q bot and maybe an RPG bot to help with normal questions.


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