Results of the RPG track building contest #2


The voting for the RPG track building contest #2 has ended yesterday and the results are set. But first I want to thank all the people who voted: koek-trommel, kiter_g1234, luffy-greece, ZuLu, Tabasco, Realized2, Nyrbius, Tiji78, Tecfan, NomNom, MankeMongel, SideWinder, Speed, duiveltje1990, caveman3 and DIABLO-ITA.

Including me that's 17 people who combined submitted a total of 170 votes.
I hope all the voters had fun testing and judging the tracks and above all I too hope that the builders enjoyed creating tracks for this contest likewise.

Now for the interesting part. Here are the results:

1st Place:
Mahadevi's Gardens by Nunquam: 79,9 avg.

2nd Place:
Medusa by VKLF: 77,8 avg.

3rd Place:
Lutenx by Igntul: 75,4 avg.

4th Place:
Space Invaders by Fish: 74 avg.

5th Place:
Jamaica Island by moi57: 72,3 avg.

6: Building an RPG by rtv: 71,2 avg.
7: Spell my name by Stromek: 70,8 avg.
8: Kvwoos by Igntul: 68,3 avg.
9: Ming's Biosphere by Golo: 67,6 avg.
10: Bleakhouse by Popgun: 64,3 avg.
11: The Dragon Talisman by Trunks_11: 60,5 avg.
12: F.B.I Dossier 9117 by HouseKeepR: 60,3 avg.
13: TM cry II restricted area by Fish: 57,4
14: Mayan Temple by Promaxer: 57,2 avg.
15: Mysterious Box by Brainmaster: 50,5 avg.
16: Respect by Airon': 37,6 avg.

I would say that was a pretty close race, with only a 22 points difference between the first and 14th place.
So congrats to Nunquam for winning the contest and VKLF, Igntul, Fish and moi57 for being close behind.

Prizes will be given out as following as soon as I have your logins:
  1. 40 000 coppers *
  2. 30 000 coppers *
  3. 15 000 coppers *
  4. 10 000 coppers
  5. 5000 coppers
*In case coppers cannot be received, we will send a Generations Digitales DVD


Pål / Tecfan said...

Congratulations to Nunquam and the winners ;M)

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