YouTube increases the upload limit to 15 minutes for all users

Great news for us RPG players today from YouTube; I'll quote from their blog:

We want YouTube to be the best place to upload video. Without question, the number one requested feature by our creators is to upload videos longer than 10 minutes. We’ve heard you, and today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve increased the upload limit to 15 minutes.

The reason they finally raise the limit is because they feel confident that their content-ID system (the system that automatically disables videos with copyrighted music or video) is so good that they are no longer afraid of the piracy uploads. The reason they added the 10-minute limit in the first place was because people were uploading full TV-shows and movies.

For us RPG players, this means more GPS footage in one video, and less "wait for part 2 to load" ^^. (Remember, the 2GB upload limit was removed some time ago also)


Kryw said...

just 15 that to little for Igntul GPS track, 90min that better :D

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