RPG track building contest #2 - Voting


The building phase of the RPG track building contest #2 had ended two days ago. A lot of interesting tracks have been submitted; in total 16. Now it is time for you readers to decide which tracks shall be the winners of this contest.

To rate the tracks, you need to be registered on the RPG Forum and make a post in this particular thread: http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/199-the-voting-thread-rate-the-contest-tracks.html

These are all the submissions in overview (sorted alphabetically) with TMX links:
To learn more about the tracks and to discuss them, visit their individual presentation posts in the RPG track building contest 2 section: http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/rpg-track-building-contest-2.html

A mappack including all submissions can be downloaded here: http://www.vinummusik.de/Trackmania/RPGt…submissions.zip

RPG Pub #2 server, hosting all the tracks: http://tecfan.nitrolinken.net/tm/tmtp.php?murdirt


Naruveli said...

Fuck it... Ididn't have time to make a track... Oh well.. i can still publish it.... And i think my track is way better than my shitty others...

bAm Lasse said...

tmx is down, can you publish a mappack, with all maps of this contest, plz?

bAm Lasse said...

sorry i was a blind :D

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