Tecfan's contest series #002: Guess the track #02

The answer is now out: http://trackmaniarpg.blogspot.com/2010/07/tecfans-contest-series-002-guess-track_27.html

Press the screenshot to see a larger version.

Can you see which track this is? I have changed the mod to make it a little harder for you. If you guess correctly, you will get 1 point in my contest series. The one with the most points in the end will win something (of very little significance). So, if you want to win, don't tell others what you guessed! Participants who posts the answer in a public forum will be disqualified.

So, take a guess. You can only guess ONE track, and you have to send it in a PM to me. Either send a PM to "Tecfan" on TMX or a PM to "Tecfan" on the RPG forum.

Remember, it's just for fun! I can't rule out cheating and abuse, so compete with yourself and don't rely on other people's answers.

General feedback and discussion thread for the contest series is available in the RPG forum. (Do not post the answer there!)


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