RPG blog 1 year anniversary

It was around these days we started the blog last year (or at least made it public), and I must say that RPG has grown really big. We've gotten a forum, competitions, RPG resource pages, maany pages of RPG servers, an IRC channel, Mumble server, the RPG topic on TMX has over 100 pages and 60 000 views and there are over 2 000 RPG tracks on TMX. So, like we did at the end of 2009, here are some statistics from the blog (data from the end of July 2009 to 4th August 2010).

There are 117 posts on the blog, we've gotten 64 225 visits, 142 533 pageviews. Below is a graph of visitors per day the last year. Almost all pictures in this post has a bigger version you can see by clicking the it.

52.53% of our visitors use Mozilla Firefox, while 23.57% use Internet Explorer. 98.12% of our visitors use a Windows operating system and the most used screen resolution is (sadly) 1280x1024, with 21.40% of all the visits.

28.84% of the visists came from Google, 27.79% came directly, while 22.85% came from TMX.

The most used Google keywords that has led people onto the blog is "trackmania rpg", "trackmania rpg blog" and "rpg trackmania".

Our most popular pages are the front page (45 752 views), the mod page (27 003 views) and the overview of RPG tracks page (14 143 views).

Germany is the country giving most visits (15 383 visits), with France on the second place (8 707 visits) and Czech Republic on the third place with 5 201 visits.

You want to know more about "your" country, "your resolution" etc.? Drop me a comment ^^.


Anonymous said...

Can see that Norway is darker green. Thats interesting since so few people live there :-)
Maybe they "won" instead? :-D

occam said...

Congrats and thx for the intriguing anniversary article :- D

Pål / Tecfan said...

Norway is probably so green because of me ^^

-|MfG|-Big Al™ said...

Happy Anniversary RPG Blog :)

kryw said...

woaw many German Party Party Party bigal Party !

-|MfG|-Big Al™ said...

Party Party Party Kryw!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary RPG Blog


TB said...

Happy Bday RPG Blog :D
One of the most succesful blogs about trackmania i'd say!

Pål / Tecfan said...

means a lot TB :)

when you think about it not many blogs survive a full year

Beep said...

Joyeux anniversaire!! from france

Januy said...

While the TMX Blog has found it's last resort I'm happy to see that the RPG Blog is still alive. TM RPG wouldn't be what it was nowadays without the RPG Blog (: a late Congratulations crew!

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