RPG blog update

Due to lack of time, me and Hawk are not able to update the blog anymore (at least regularly), so I ask you to post guides in the RPG forum: www.trackmania-rpg.com, and news, new mods, funny/nice screenshots, competitions, etc etc in the RPG thread on TMX: http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=threadshow&id=1165580&page=auto#auto. Thanks.


Dungeon Dork said...

If you are looking for another RPG blog try: Geeks and Goblins - An RPG Blog discussing role playing games, sci-fi and fantasy movies, video games, technology, and other geeky things. Basically, if geeks love it, it will be on here.

Anonymous said...

Another forum "closing down". Maybe nadeo should make such forums/blogs to getting people interested in the game, instead of having lots of forums with people loosing interest after a while.
Can you not just "give away" the blog to someone who are interesting keeping it alive?

Calinstelistu said...


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