Track Page Update

*wuuuuush* .....blowing off the layers of dust off the writing desk ^^

Just came back here real quick to announce that Nunquam took the time and patience to update the RPG track page with entries of tracks ranging back as far as one year, in total 106 new track entries!
Nunquam says that he didn't have the time to test all tracks from this huge timespan so that if anyone feels like their track has been left out they should contact him (on the RPG Forum).
Anyhow, it's an amazing effort that Nunquam undertook in the pursuit of capturing the current state of RPG and far surpasses the efforts of the being that is myself, who still hasn't gotten around to updating the mods page ^^

Speaking of case anyone still doensn't know about mods and old ones likewise can be found on this page:


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