RPG track building contest #2


After the success of the first RPG track building contest we are back with the second edition! Naturally, we have arranged to have a few alterations compared to the original contest to ensure that track builders are challenged with new and innovative concepts. We have also taken the RPG mod contest submissions and my recent mod creations as an opportunity for a mod-guideline. Keep on reading to find out what it is all about :-)

The prizes are:
  1. 40 000 coppers *
  2. 30 000 coppers *
  3. 15 000 coppers *
  4. 10 000 coppers
  5. 5000 coppers
*In case coppers cannot be received, we will send a Generations Digitales DVD

How it works:
This is an RPG track building contest, so we only accept tracks which qualifies as RPG's. The "definition" of an RPG track can be read under our "RPG introduction" page. RPG's are very diverse, so be creative.

This time the theme you will have to follow in order to qualify your track for the competition is 'backwards driving'. Meaning that you will have to build a section (or multiple sections) where the player is forced to drive backwards. This can be achieved through a trick in the MediaTracker which has not been used by any RPG yet (look below to see the video tutorial). A minimum of 25 blocks need to be driven backwards throughout the track. Once a block is touched by the car it counts as 1 block. Huge blocks (such as the arch's) also just count as one block. To give the driver a bit freedom to reposition himself, we allow a maximum forward speed of 40km/h in the backwards driving sections (trigger condition: speed > 40).

In addition, the second guideline is that we restrict the usage of mods to only the two RPG mod contest submissions and the 14 RPG mods HawkGer made; 16 mods in total to choose from. If your track does not have one of these mods assigned, it will be excluded from the competition. Small modifications to the mods are allowed. Hosting for these can be provided by HawkGer.

You can submit as many tracks as you like. You can also build duo tracks, but you only get one prize.

The deadline is 16th July. This is the last day you can submit your tracks for the competition.

In case there are any questions left on your part, you can post them here in this article or in this post on the RPG Forum.

Here's the tutorial on how to force players into driving backwards:

  • You have to have an auto-downloadable mod (use GBXDump to see if your track has one)
  • The mod needs to be one of the 16 stated mods (these + these)
  • A minimum of 25 blocks need to be driven backwards.
  • The track has to be minimum 5 minutes long
  • Submit the track before 16th July
  • All CP's must be respawnable (you can still have rings of course)
  • No blockmixing of CP's into eachother. Many servers will ban you if you drive through two CP's at the time, so don't do this! It might look very beautiful, but it will lead to this
  • Don't submit beta's or unfinished tracks!

Judging system:
After the 16th July every submitted track will get it's own thread in this subforum for presentation. Users will be able to discuss the tracks publicly. Voting will take place secretly though, only admins on the forum will be able to see the votes. Every registered user except the participants in the contest will be able to vote (from 0-100 points). Results will be revealed on 30th July.

Track building resources:


Submitting your track:
Upload your RPG to TMX. Remember to include [RPG] somewhere in the TMX name. Please also link back to this article in your track description. Then post the TMX ID or the EXTERNAL link to your track in this thread on the RPG Forum.


steve said...

i don't like this theme, i find driving back wards hard to make a track around, as a theme

its a challenge, and thats good

but its a damn hard challenge

dunno if ill enter this one, ill see

sebik1992 said...

I wanted to principate but this theme is ugly.
And aditionally I've used other mod :(
We'll see but it is highly possible that I won't enter.
Anyway tune on my new RPG coming soon xD

Naruveli said...

Track coming soon..

Promaxer said...

Track Coming Soon maybe, probably in the next week.

fish said...

find tricks will be hard.. As i said 25 blocks is a bit too much but mods are really cool.. we're working :p

Naruveli said...

Really soon...

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